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Introducing H2O AI Cloud
by Benjamin Cox, Jo-Fai Chow | January 26, 2021 Cloud , H2O AI Cloud , Kubernetes

Organizations have made large investments in modernizing their data infrastructure and operations, but most still struggle to drive maximum value from their data. Many companies experimented with building large teams of expert data scientists, and while this approach did produce some valuable models, the cost was high and the timeframes ...

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H2O on Kubernetes using Helm
by Team | October 16, 2020 H2O-3 , Kubernetes , Technical

Deploying real-world applications using bare YAML files to Kubernetes is a rather complex task, and H2O is no exception. As demonstrated in one of the previous blog posts . Greatly simplified, a cluster of H2O open source machine learning nodes is brought up in the following manner: A headless service to make initial node discovery and ...

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Running H2O cluster on a Kubernetes cluster
by Team | April 14, 2020 H2O-3 , Kubernetes

H2O is an open-source, in-memory platform for distributed, scalable machine learning. A perfect match for deployment on a Kubernetes cluster, the very modern way of deploying, serving & scaling applications. With the major release, released in Q1 2020, H2O obtained first class Kubernetes support .This article explains how t...

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Accelerate Machine Learning workflows with Driverless AI on Red Hat OpenShift, Enterprise Kubernetes Platform
by Nicholas Png | November 12, 2019 H2O Driverless AI , Kubernetes

Organizations globally are operationalizing containers and Kubernetes to accelerate Machine Learning lifecycles as these technologies provide data scientists and software developers with much needed agility, flexibility, portability, and scalability to train, test, and deploy ML models in production. Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s mo...

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