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MarketShare Enhances Its Marketing Analytics Services Using H2O

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Cross-channel attribution, revenue optimization, and forecasting are among the biggest pain points in brand marketing today. Marketing teams need to see a complete picture of their effectiveness but are often limited to partial data in spreadsheets that take months to analyze. As a result, CMOs and analysts often throw darts in the dark when forecasting the outcome of their marketing investments — severely restricting an organization’s ability to reach more customers and grow.


MarketShare has been studying the challenges of marketing attribution and revenue optimization for more than 10 years. The company has released its industry-leading MarketShare DecisionCloud to help the world’s biggest consumer and B2B brands connect raw data to information, knowledge, insight, and ultimately — action.


MarketShare DecisionCloud software helps brand marketers see a complete picture of their marketing effectiveness across online, offline, long-term, and short-term efforts. This information helps team members ranging from CMOs to on-the-ground campaign managers plan marketing programs, test scenarios, and optimize budgets.


The platform helps marketing teams make decisions faster with cross-channel attribution, predictive insight, fast course corrections, and decision support. Many of the world’s leading enterprise brands ranging from Ford to Intel, Best Buy, Hilton, and MasterCard rely on MarketShare DecisionCloud to connect their marketing investments to revenue.


One of the unique value propositions of the company is that it works across the entire marketing department, and all levels of the organization. Over the last two years, MarketShare DecisionCloud has evolved from a measurement and optimization tool to a prediction and recommendation platform.


Driving Real Time Marketing Insights on Petabytes of Data


Organizations are often buried under an avalanche of data, which is often collected on an automated basis, as a byproduct of everyday operations. The process of moving from ‘insights’ to ‘prescriptive action,’ as a result, becomes a major challenge.


H2O moves Marketshare up the analytics value chain

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At the heart of MarketShare’s DecisionCloud is a process of real-time modeling. The company relies on H2O’s scalable machine learning platform to model its customer data, faster.

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It’s not just a question of how to work with large volumes of data. It’s a question of how to work with large volumes of data, super fast. MarketShare DecisionCloud facilitates the transition from predictive to prescriptive to automated analytics. H2O is at the center of this process."

Satya Ramachandran, SVP & Managing Director Marketshare



MarketShare’s model development process requires multiple layers. The team uses Hive, Spark, and SQL to process the data and then builds and runs models using H2O. “We run these models on different networks to get them running as quickly as possible,” said Ramachandran, SVP and Managing Director, MarketShare. “We started the journey of finding the right solution in 2010. We started off with our own implementation — which is something that a lot of smart software engineers try. After realizing that we needed to pursue another path, we evaluated a number of vendors. We found that H2O was the fastest with its in-memory solution. We found that H2O was 10x faster than anything else out there.”


H2O enables MarketShare to transform volumes of online and offline marketing data into real time prescriptive actions



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