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ADP Uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Drive a Data-Fueled Future of Work

Second ADP Datathon Gathers Innovation Pioneers to Leverage Unmatched Workforce Dataset

ROSELAND, N.J., June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The world of work is rapidly changing, and data is increasingly fueling the human capital management function’s ability to innovate to meet the needs of an evolving workforce.  The second annual Datathon at ADP® gathered more than 40 partners and innovators from across the ADP business for two weeks of collaboration and ideation around leveraging the company’s world-leading dataset.

ADP uses real, empirical, anonymized data from more than 30 million employees to anticipate how human work behaviors will evolve, and the impact that macro trends will have on the way people want and need to work.  This year’s Datathon focused on unearthing new ways to use the company’s data and encouraging technologists across the company to incorporate data into all practices.

“Our first Datathon was about testing the speed and process by which we can leverage our world-leading HCM database, which compiles proprietary data from over 90,000 clients,” said Marc Rind, chief data scientist at ADP.  “This time around, we brought in partners from across ADP to explore their needs and ideate on comprehensive solutions.  We gathered the industry’s greatest innovators for two weeks of end-to-end development, and will ultimately be able to deliver unmatched value to our clients as a result.”

Three teams conceived solutions that used machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring ADP data to life for how the future of work will evolve in three key areas, and outputs included the following.

  • Talent optimization:  A tool that maps the correlation between educational experience and career outcome, which would serve both recruiters and the future workforce.
  • User Experience:  A 401(k) benchmarking service that helps employees manage their accounts through guidance around peer group contributions and retirement goals.
  • Business Impact:  A digital career coach that will provide workers with steps for reaching specific, long and short-term career goals.

The Datathon included partners on the cutting edge of innovative solutions to extract actionable insights from big data sets, who were engaged in every step of the development of these solutions and will champion them as they go to market.  Speakers also provided inspiration and advice for the teams throughout the two-week process.

“The data culture at ADP is uniquely suited to solve big problems,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder at  “We are excited to partner with ADP in their hands-on Datathon, applying AI to bring stories to life from their data, which is some of the richest in the data economy.  We are thrilled to work together to democratize AI and develop predictive data products for all.”

“ADP has an unmatched dataset on the U.S. workforce and is exploring every avenue for extracting the most value for its clients and the human capital management industry,” said Amy O’Connor, chief data and information officer at Cloudera.  “Cloudera is committed to teaming up with ADP to use data science, machine learning, and AI in ways not possible before to invent the data-driven future of work.”


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