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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – (BUSINESS WIRE) –, the company bringing AI to enterprises, today announced that it has partnered with IBM to offer its next-generation AI platform, GPU-powered machine learning, and best-of-breed Deep Learning on IBM’s Power Systems platform.

IBM has collaborated with fellow technology industry leaders through the OpenPOWER Foundation to radically redesign the platform at the chip and system levels by incorporating the use of a wide range of accelerators to achieve greater levels of performance than available on traditional commodity servers. IBM’s POWER architecture with the new NVLink interface provides an advanced and affordable platform for high performance analytics. The new NVLink interconnects seen in IBM Power Systems S822LC (codename: ‘Minsky’) machines open a much wider path between the CPU and GPU, enabling H2O’s next generation AI platform to get maximum performance gains possible. next generation AI software – best of breed Machine Learning and Deep Learning that is optimized for GPUs – can now take advantage of IBM’s POWER architecture to provide enterprises with fastest performance possible and the best price-performance advantage for AI computing. IBM customers can also run H2O algorithms through the IBM Data Science Experience platform to manage and collaborate on data science projects. In addition, H2O is also available on the IBM’s Biginsights and IOP platform for enterprises.

“H2O’s interpretable, accurate and fast algorithms democratize the monetization of data with AI. IBM Power Systems provides a resilient and highly available computing platform for H2O.AI customers.” said Sri Ambati, CEO and co-founder of, “We are excited to partner with the IBM team to amplify the transformation of the enterprise with AI.”

H2O is the standard open-source AI platform of choice for enterprise businesses. More than 9,000 enterprises and a third of the Fortune 500 Companies are using’s open source platform to derive value from data with machine learning and deep learning and receive real-time insights and make actionable decisions.

“In 5 years, A.I. will be behind your every decision. We want to put the most powerful AI software in the hands of our customers and H2O is a complementary addition to the IBM PowerAI deep learning software distribution,” said Sumit Gupta, VP, HPC, AI and Analytic at IBM. “H2O running on IBM Power Systems enables enterprises to leverage the best of breed software on the best hardware to get the most value of their data.” has enjoyed a banner year so far. Some of H2O’s mission critical applications include predictive maintenance, operational intelligence, security, fraud, auditing, churn, credit scoring, user based insurance, predicting sepsis, ICU monitoring and more. The company was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning (PAML) Solutions, Q1 2017 report by Forrester Research in March, a Visionary in Gartner’s February Magic Quadrant and one of CB Insights’ AI 100 in January.

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About is focused on bringing AI to businesses through software. Its flagship product is H2O, the leading open source platform that makes it easy for financial services, insurance and healthcare companies to deploy AI and deep learning to solve complex problems. More than 9,000 organizations and 80,000+ data scientists depend on H2O for critical applications like predictive maintenance and operational intelligence. The company — which was recently named to the CB Insights AI 100 — is used by 169 Fortune 500 enterprises, including 8 of the world’s 10 largest banks, 7 of the 10 largest insurance companies and 4 of the top 10 healthcare companies. Notable customers include Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Transamerica, Comcast, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Macy’s, Walgreens and Kaiser Permanente.

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