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H2O GenAI World Training DC H2O GenAI World Training DC

AI Safety and Public Sector Event


On February 29, 2024, we held a full-day event focused on empowering innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem of Generative AI and Large Language Models. View some of the highlights here.

Session replay

Opening Keynote | Sri Ambati

Fireside Chat | Sri Ambati, Agus Sudjianto

FireSide Chat | Harald Schneider, Chief Data & Analytics Officer Equifax

Introduction to "Kaggle Grand Master" Panel

Kaggle Grand Master Panel | Rob Mulla, Arno Candel, Kim Montgomery, Mark Lochbihler, Ryan Chesler

Guidelines for AI Robustness & Security | Sheree Zhang, Marc Abrams, Heather Frase, Dave Epperson

Training Q&A | Megan Kurka

NIST AI Risk Management Framework | Patrick Hall