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A Gathering of the Greatest Minds in AI

Learning is Fun!

H2O World is an interactive community event featuring advancements in AI and machine learning.

Thousands of attendees from around the world come to sessions focused on real-world use cases. Previous speakers included AI4ALL, Capital One, Citi, Groupon, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, NVIDIA, RBC, Stanley Black and Decker, Wells Fargo and many more.


Community Voices

H2O World features sessions from the makers behind, leading academics, our customer community, and partner ecosystem. Attendees discovered the strategies and insights they need to accelerate their AI journey.

Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder at, opens each event with an inspiring, provocative message.

H2O World Globally

From the Big Apple to the City by the Bay, watch replays below to catch up!

H2O World Spotlight

Kaggle Grandmaster Panel

Women and Inclusion in Tech Panel

Machine Learning Interpretability Panel

Community and Customer Talks

"Managing machine learning model risk is of the utmost importance in heavily regulated industries such as finance; in particular, to manage potential risks due to bias/fairness, conceptual soundness, implementation, and model change control"

Agus Sudjianto, EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

"Part of the reason for wanting to work with H2O was really the passion and purpose that H2O had around advancing finance and democratizing AI for finance. We were really looking to solve an important problem with some of the world's best brains. You know, that time it felt like a bet, now looking back on it, it feels like the most natural thing to do that we should have always done."

Gary Rapsey, Global Assurance Chief Innovation Officer, PwC

"H2O Driverless AI allows us to not only take the forms that our customers fill out, but also the phone calls. Phone calls are really important in marketing. Just to give a number here, about 90% of the leads we generate are call based leads. With intelligent core scoring powered by H2O Driverless AI and using H2O Word2Vec models, we came up with a powerful solution that made it possible to achieve our goal of accurately identifying high quality leads from phone calls for our customers faster than ever before."

Martin Stein, Chief Product Officer, G5

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Code of Conduct is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion or any other protected class.