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GPTe Unleashed: Mastering the Art of Generative AI with

Empower data scientists to work faster by unveiling the power of Generative AI

12th December 10 am GMT/11 am CET

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of how to develop, deploy, and share safe and trusted applications

In our upcoming webinar, hosted by Andreea Turcu, Head of Global Training at, she will dive into the world of Generative AI and explores the capabilities of our Enterprise GPTe platform.

During this presentation, we will be focusing on the following key areas:

  • Model-Agnostic Evaluation Framework: Understand some of the technical aspects of our privately hosted LLM framework for safety and transparency.
  • Exploring RAG Technology: Dive into the details of Retrieval Augmented Generation on our platform, harnessing VectorDB, Embeddings, and LLM to elevate advanced data comprehension and generation capabilities.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Get some technical insights into achieving total control through on-cloud or on-premises deployment options.
  • No-Code AI Development: Discover the potential of the H2O LLM Studio Suite for crafting user-friendly AI solutions.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage in an informative session that can significantly impact your data science endeavours.


Abhi david-maitland

Andreea Turcu, Head of Global Training,

Explore Enterprise Generative AI

Create your own large language models, build enterprise-grade GenAI solutions with the H2O LLM Studio Suite. H2O LLM Studio was created by our top Kaggle Grandmasters and provides organizations with a no-code fine-tuning framework to make their own custom state-of-the-art LLMs for enterprise applications.

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