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H2O AI Hybrid Cloud: The Next Frontier in AI Innovation

Join us as we dive into the latest innovation from – the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, an end-to-end platform that enables organizations to rapidly make world-class AI models and applications for virtually any use case.

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud brings automation capabilities across the entire data science lifecycle, including connecting to and preparing data, building and explaining models, and deploying and operating them. Additionally, the platform also makes it easy to build and share AI applications across an entire organization. H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is optimal for organizations that want to drive value from their data by putting AI into the hands of their business users.

The platform runs on Kubernetes, allowing customers to run on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure and operate in an elastic manner.

In this virtual meetup, we will discuss:

– How to build and operate AI apps

– Our open-source Python development framework, H2O Wave, and how you can develop interactive AI apps with sophisticated visualizations for virtually any use-case

– H2O AI AppStore – a single location to seamlessly view and share the machine learning applications being built across your company.

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