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Evaluating Large Language Models: Introducing H2O LLM EvalGPT

March 12, 2024 | 11:00 AM CET


Join us to explore the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) and uncover the means to assess them with our innovative tool, H2O LLM EvalGPT.


In this event, Andreea Turcu, our Head of Global Training, will discuss the increasing importance of LLMs and demonstrate the capabilities of H2O LLM EvalGPT, showcasing how it can help organizations streamline the evaluation process of their Generative Ai models and improve the overall performance of their results.


H2O LLM EvalGPT is a unified platform that offers a comprehensive suite of methods for evaluating LLM performance across multiple dimensions, including natural language inference, question-answering, and text generation. During the event, Andreea will provide a live demo of H2O LLM EvalGPT, highlighting its key features and capabilities. She will also discuss the benefits of using the platform, including improved model performance, accelerated development cycles, and enhanced decision-making.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about H2O LLM EvalGPT and register now to secure your FREE spot at this exciting webinar.


headshot of Andreea Turcu headshot of Andreea Turcu

Andreea Turcu
Head of Training Department,