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A Fast Onramp to AI and Machine Learning

At, our mission is to democratize AI for everyone. The Learning Center empowers people to learn about AI and Machine Learning regardless of their background. For students who want to know the fundamentals, or for seasoned data science professionals, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a student, a business professional or someone exploring making a career change, this is a great opportunity to learn at your own pace or take a free instructor-led course. If you are already a data scientist that wants to complement their skills, learn about H2O-3, XGBoost, open-source ML, or our leading AutoML, Driverless AI, there are a number of courses, that will help you sharpen your skills even more. Earn badges and certifications, and demonstrate your skills. It’s easy to get started and start expanding your career horizons. Register for a tutorial or class and start learning today.

For Data Scientists, Scientists, Statisticians

Whether you practice R or Python, are a data scientist, mathematician, or engineer, we have the right solutions for you. Choose between our free hands-on tutorials, courses with or without coding. We focus on the tasks required to build and scale machine learning models, and use of open-source Machine Learning, with the goal of helping you become self-sufficient and productive as quickly as possible.

For Students, Novices or Business Pros

If you want to learn new skills or have a non- technical background, or just want to understand what all the excitement is around AI and machine learning, we provide a number of options to get started. We’d recommend you start with our AI and ML fundamental classes, try some of the self-paced tutorials, and take some of our introductory courses. This will give you the background to understand AI and machine learning, to help you in your current career field or your course of study. There is something for everyone.

Students and professors should also explore the Academic Program. Aquarium is a cloud learning environment. Aquarium has a collection of labs that correspond to various tutorials and classes. For the free tutorials and classes we provide free cloud hosted environments(labs) to do the hands-on exercises.

Being well-versed in the exciting and growing field of machine learning is quickly becoming a key requirement in many jobs and a key ingredient for a successful AI Transformation in your organization. We are committed to set the stage for your long term success by providing you with a wealth of resources necessary to accelerate your onramp to AI.


Learning Center Overview

Start with a single class with our self-paced tutorials.

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Just some of the badges you can earn

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