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COVID-19 Panel - Leveraging AI to Improve Provider, Population, and Patient Experiences

As the world manages the current global pandemic and plans for a post-COVID recovery with vaccine distribution and administration, there is an active need to better manage and improve the provider, population, and individual/patient experience.

Despite multiple efforts across the continuum of delivery and care, the challenges faced by healthcare providers, public health agencies, and individuals are significant. These range from supply chain inefficiencies, wasted doses, scheduling and demand sensing issues, clinician burnout, and challenges with scheduling and administering vaccines to those that need them.

To address the immediate needs of the humans of healthcare – clinicians, patients, and policymakers – there is an urgent need for harnessing data in all its forms and converting said data into insights, workflows, and better experiences using data science, machine/deep learning, and AI.

Register to watch a panel discussion with leading experts in provider solutions, nursing informatics, and health policy. We will review our current state, opportunities/challenges, and provide forward-looking prescriptions that leverage AI to improve cross-functional human experiences.


Prashant Natarajan (VP of AI & Analytics Solutions at

Deepesh Chandra (Chief Analytics Officer at Mercy Health)

Joel White (President at Horizon Government Affairs)

Danielle Siarri (Clinical & HealthIT Advisor at Innonurse)

Nicholas Jewell (Professor at UC Berkeley and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

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