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H2O GenAI Day Training Singapore H2O GenAI Day Training Singapore

Closing Remarks


Speaker Bio

Sirisha Bavireddy | Global Leader Customer Programs & Events

Sirisha Bavireddy is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, customer relations, and information technology, focusing on industries like telecom, healthcare, insurance, retail, and mortgage. At, she leads the global customer program team, encompassing communications, demand generation, community, and product partnerships. Sirisha has made significant contributions in bringing machine learning and AI to Fortune 500 companies, implementing numerous IT CRM projects. She is also the Founder & CEO of and, companies specializing in event management and AI-driven personal styling for ethnic wear.

Sirisha holds a Stanford Certified Program Manager credential from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications. Her expertise includes global customer success and operations, project management, and a focus on AI and machine learning solutions.

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You're available for lunch downstairs and we'd love to share give us honest feedback what can be made better in the event because we would like to do many such events so join the community thank you and all of us will be there downstairs also yes and we will be also doing unconference topic if there is any topic of interest you want to catch up on feel free to find any of us from H2O we'll be happy to discuss I would like to invite Siri just to say share more some of our details please we have lunch served downstairs and there are some tables also in the room number 801. 



Yeah and thank you so much for joining us today I hope you all enjoyed the training how was the content for the training was it good right so a lot of folks have worked towards this event to make it a successful event and we plan to make have many more such events over here we have here Shivam Vishal and we have a lot of folks from Sri Lanka who came Pervin, Lakshmita all of them come up here I want you all to see them so you've during the course of this event you have met each one of them helping you and talking to you, trying to get issues fixed and all of that. 



But behind the screens, we have a lot of teams supporting us. From Mountain View, we have Mikhail, Jason, Ophir from all around the world trying to help us out for this event. Guys, each, all of you please come to the stage. 



All the HFH - Sanjeevan Praveen. Yeah, Sanjeevan. Some of them flew in last. They came directly from the airport to support this event. So these folks came all the way from Sri Lanka. And just to support for the event, they're directly from the airport. 



And thank you so much for making this event successful for us. Thank you. Can you give the camera to somebody? Actually, Aman is the director. Yes. I thought they came. Yes, sir. You are the director.