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h2o gen ai world conference san francisco h2o gen ai world conference san francisco

Closing Session

AI-generated transcript



Big hand to all the organizers. I would probably want to invite Siri who pulled off an incredible event at very short notice. I hope she has her speech prepared. It's perfect. Thank you, Sri. I hope you all enjoyed the event. 



Please let us know how the feedback and everything. Did you guys enjoy the training? Yes, excellent. How are the talks over here? Did you enjoy the talks? Excellent. Thank you. So it's not one person's effort over here. 



It's a team effort. A lot of people were running around trying to get this event taken care at two locations because it was really stressful to go back and come. Thank you so much for being so accommodating to go to the other's museum for lunch and all the other activities over there. 



Thank you so much. I have a whole team to thank and I want all of them to come on to the stage. All the speakers, all the slides that you've seen right now, Anna and Priya worked like really late in the night trying to get them settled. 



And we had Dania and Lea trying to work with them remotely and trying to get them set. Please come on the stage, Anna, Priya. And we have Betty over here who is running around getting the page updates and all of them. 



Please, Betty, come on up. And I have a bunch of folks from registration, Amy, Cindy, all of them. Literally, they're trying to get everything going, printing the badges, alphabetizing it and getting it done. 



And on Zoom, a lot of folks signed up, more than 1 ,000 people signed up. Thanks to Tim. Please, Tim, come by. And we have Joby over there, Jeff, who helped us out. Anmal, Ashrit, all of you, please come up over here. 



And questions were managed by Vindi over there. there and I have Karthik. I think everybody should be on the stage. If you see all these women, they were working right around almost all days. Jackie is with the food and beverages. 



She was trying to get that replenish as soon as possible and getting the things done. Please, we have Jeff, Rob, Moola. We have given them the pages last minute like yesterday night. They did a wonderful job. 



I think there were a lot of folks, Josephine and Kerry. Please, they made sure Chris, all of them made sure that registrations went like getting registered. We have Michelle over there, Rafael, Dimitri, all of you, please come on to the stage because I know it's a big deal. 



Who else? I'm missing, I know I'm missing a lot. A lot of people that I wrote down over here, but the whole team, please come by. Yes, John Fallon did a wonderful job with the training. John Fallon and team, please come by. 



Yeah. John Fallon, I think Michelle, Megan, all of them are part of the training team. Along with all the KGMs who are helping them out, I think we had a wonderful turnout of 120 people for training. 



Yes, Vindi over here for, I think we should just have everybody up here and take a picture. Venkatesh, yes. I think everybody, I know each one of you have helped and I have a huge list over here. Please come on to the stage. 



We have several events planned for you guys. So this is the first of the one in JNAI conference. We have several trainings planned. We saw the enthusiasm the community has. So we are going to have more trainings scheduled coming next year. 



Everybody, Shree. I think without Shree, we wouldn't even be able to do. Yes, Tom K, Kim, all of you, please come on to the stage. All of the Kaggle team members, they were preparing slides last night at 3 AM, because they were trying to get the best program for you guys. 



So all of them. Where is Jackie and all? She's going to chase. Yes, they're replenishing the food, everything. John. John, everybody please, Parmeet, I think you flew in last night. Everybody, Navadeep, all of you please come on to the stage. 



Chris Simcott, I know I have stopped him from doing both duty for some time. He's like, I'm scheduled for both duty, the whole thing. Please.