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The Benefits of Budget Allocation with AI-Driven Marketing Mix Models

AI-Driven-Budget-Allocation AI-Driven-Budget-Allocation

Together with the marketing sciences team at Allergan, recently compared the traditional linear marketing mix with the new machine learning based approach to experience the differences firsthand using’s Driverless AI. Not only were they able to build a model within hours for what took weeks before, they also did not need to make assumptions as they did with a linear modelling approach. Additionally, the approach led to unique and highly valuable outputs on customer level, which allowed them to optimize budgets across customer segments.

 Learn more about how the latest in AI technologies reinvented media and marketing analytics at Allergan by reading our whitepaper “The Benefits of Budget Allocation with AI-Driven Marketing Mix Models“. Inside this paper you’ll learn more about:

 • Traditional linear marketing mix models vs. new algorithms

• Overcoming the weaknesses of linear marketing mix models
• How to gain insights on marketing mix insights on customer level


Akhil Sood, Associate Director @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan
Dr. Michael Proksch, Senior Director @
Vijay Raghavan, Associate Vice President @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan