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Fraud Notice |


At, we are committed to providing a safe and secure experience for our users. Recently, there has been an increase in fraudulent activities where scammers impersonate our company and mislead individuals. These fraudulent actions can lead to financial loss and personal information theft. We want to ensure that our customers and the public are well-informed and can identify these scams. Official Practices

  • Communication Channels: will only contact you through official channels. Emails from will always come from the domain. We will never use personal email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. 

    • Likewise, we will never use a similar, yet different domain to such as,,,, etc.

  • Transactions: will never request any form of payment, sensitive personal information, or financial transactions through unsolicited messages, emails, or calls. Any financial transactions with will only be conducted through secure and official channels.

  • Customer Support: Our customer support team will always provide clear and professional communication. Any instructions regarding your account will be detailed in official correspondence sent via email from our domain or licensed support portal.

  • Official Website: All official announcements, updates, and information about will be posted on our official website ( We do not endorse or support any other websites or social media profiles claiming to represent will only recruit through secure, legal, and official channels. Our official recruitment process includes:

  • Job Postings: All job opportunities will be listed on the official careers page, LinkedIn job listings portal, Workday job listings portal, or other official recruitment platforms. Only the positions advertised across those channels are legitimate opportunities at

  • Contact Methods: may reach out to candidates via phone calls, emails from the domain, LinkedIn, or official video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We will never contact you solely through chat or text messages.

  • No Fees: will never ask for any payment from candidates at any stage of the recruitment process. We will also never send checks before you start employment.

  • Information Requests: Personal or private information will only be requested after a job offer has been accepted, and this will be done through official and secure channels.

  • Interview Process: Candidates will undergo a multi-step interview process, which includes face-to-face or video call interviews with our team members.

How to Recognize Fraudulent Activities

  • Unsolicited Messages: Be cautious of unsolicited messages claiming to be from, especially those asking for personal information or money.

  • Incorrect Email Domains: Ensure that any email communication from comes from an official email address.

  • Suspicious Instructions: Verify the authenticity of any instructions or requests you receive by contacting our official customer support.

What to Do If You Suspect Fraud

  • Do Not Engage: Do not respond to or engage with suspected fraudulent messages or calls.

  • Report It: Immediately report any suspicious activity to at Provide supporting information, including copies of any correspondence you have had with the suspected fraudster.

  • Contact Authorities: If confirms the fraud, report it to the appropriate authorities: is dedicated to maintaining a secure environment for our community. We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation in identifying and reporting fraudulent activities. For more information, visit our official website or contact our support team directly.

Thank you for helping us keep our community safe.