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Social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit have become invaluable tools for communication between individuals or groups and are widely used globally. As messages on these platforms can instantly be accessed by all users and remain on communication threads until deleted, specific messages have been and will continue to influence individual opinions towards many topics, including vaccination for a considerable amount of time. This application demonstrates the use of AI in extracting information from Social Media platforms, improving understanding of the public perceptions of infections and the vaccine is essential to developing tailored educational efforts and increasing vaccination rates.


The solution enables, information extraction: extract useful information using State-Of-The-Art NLP techniques; clustering: cluster documents into user defined groups; and dashboards: present dashboards with insight.

Business Value

Important in the context of population-level and individual-level vaccination decision-making. Social media surveillance can assist in understanding popular trends in opinion, alerting public health practitioners to the pulse of public sentiment.

H2O's AI and Data Approaches’s AI and Data Approaches: Vaccine NLP is powered by the H2O AI Cloud, H2O Wave, as well as by NVIDIA GPUs. Data science NLP methods include sentiment analysis, POS tagging, LDA, network analysis, GIS.



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