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H2O Danube, a super-tiny, open-weights small language model for offline applications

#1 Foundation Model on Hugging Face Open LLM Leaderboard for the <2B Range just released its latest open-weight small language model, H2O-Danube2-1.8B, under Apache v2.0.

Designed to fine-tune or post-train on domain-specific datasets for enterprise applications and is economically efficient on interface and training. Easy to embed on edge devices like mobile phones, drones and in offline applications. 


  • Cost savings on the Platform. 200x cheaper on query cost.
  • Serve more users. Better accuracy with up to 100% cheaper on document processing.

Open Source H2O-Danube2-1.8B is Available Worldwide Learn MoreGet the Mobile App

hugging face open llm leaderboard average scores chart. Danube 2-1.8 has 48.72%, beating, Genna, Qwen, and Google Phi.

Convergence of the world’s best predictive and generative AI

Supercharge human productivity

Enterprise h2oGPTe synthesizes diverse data and lets you process thousands of documents or web pages–any way you want: inspect, extract, translate, transform, find differences, summarize. Your imagination is the limit.


Try Enterprise h2oGPTe Freemium Learn More

Multi-modal Document AI with enterprise scale and security

Convert structured data like financial tables to JSON

Get answers from diagrams, flowcharts, web pages, audio files, video files and images.

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Built for air-gapped, on-premises, private or managed cloud deployments.

Own your data, own your prompts.

Only provides an end-to-end GenAI platform where you can own every part of the stack. offers a highly flexible solution, that can run fully managed in the cloud, or in hybrid or on-premise and air-gapped environments.

Fully scalable with Kubernetes.

AICPA SOC2 compliance seal AICPA SOC2 compliance seal achieves 

Cost control and flexibility

Customers can decide to mix and match from a large choice of over 30 LLMs:

Proprietary LLMs:

  • Gemini, Claude, GPT-3.5 or 4, Bedrock, Groq, Mistral, etc.

  • Reliance on third-party provider

  • No control, no ownership

  • Token-based pricing, unbounded cost

Open source LLMs:

  • Mixtral, Mistral, H2O Danube, Llama3, Fine-Tunes, etc.

  • Any model from Open-Source ecosystem

  • Hosted on your own GPU infrastructure

  • Full control and ownership of models

  • Fixed hardware cost, most economical choice

  • Cost savings on Platform. 25x cheaper on query cost.

  • Serve more users. Better accuracy with up to 100% cheaper on Document Processing.

product shot of a drop down menu under "LLM to use" with a list of models to choose from product shot of a drop down menu under "LLM to use" with a list of models to choose from
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h2oGPTe is designed to work with any LLM of your choice
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Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant: 
Data Science and Machine Learning 2024

Listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant (Cloud AI Developer Services) in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024

Listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant (Data Science and Machine Learning) in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023, and 2024




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The Forrester Wave™: Computer Vision Tools, Q1 2024:

Named as a leader in this year's Forrester’s Wave report for the Computer Vision Tools Landscape







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As the maker of the world’s best AutoML, is converging Predictive AI with Generative AI, and helping leading global brands save billions of dollars a year with purpose-built AI for hundreds of use cases such as:

Fraud and scam detection

Complaint summarizer

Recommendation engine

KYC, loan application risk

Pricing engines and more


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Get your API key

H2O Generative AI can solve a broad spectrum of natural language use cases, including classification, semantic search, paraphrasing, summarization, and content generation.

h2oGPTe is used by companies to build production-ready, scalable and efficient AI-powered applications.


Write custom apps with fully featured Python client APIs 

Seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art text, image, and code generation capabilities into your projects