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Unlocking GenAI Magic: GenAI AppStudio Revolutionizes App Development with LLMs! (Part 2)


By Piraveen Sivakumar | 5 minute read | February 13, 2024

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GenAI AppStudio provides a no code way to take user sketches and generates the code for you.


Introducing GenAI AppStudio

GenAI AppStudio is a no-code platform specifically crafted for non-technical users, to easily transform app ideas into reality with a few simple steps. One of its key features is the ability to seamlessly convert wireframes into fully-functional, multi-page AI applications. GenAI AppStudio ensures accuracy and relevance by also utilizing real data, RAG technology integration, easy genAI customisation and a streamlined no code way to update the generated applications. To get a technical deep dive into the technology behind this product, take a look at our previous blog here.

Key Features of GenAI AppStudio

  1. Sketch to App: Enable seamless and instant conversion of paper/digital sketches into application code. With this streamlined process, users can quickly go from a simple sketch to a fully functional app without any delay or hassle.

  2. Prompt to  App: GenAI AppStudio introduces prompt-based app generation, allowing users to effortlessly conceptualize and generate app layouts by inputting text prompts that articulate their envisioned features and functionalities. This can be really helpful when you have a general gist of what you want to do but you don’t have a specific layout in line.  It can also be useful in addition to your uploaded sketches to generate appropriate design choices. Leveraging advanced natural language processing, the platform intelligently interprets and translates these prompts into well-crafted app layouts, fostering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. 

  3. Real Data Integration: Want to take your app from a prototype to a fully functioning application, you are now able to load in your real tabular data. This means there will be less rework integrating your data into the application. 

  4. RAG Technology Integration: With the integrated power of h2oGPTe and RAG technology, users can dynamically engage with their information, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of the data at hand. Unleash the potential for innovative and user-centric applications, where h2oGPTe's advanced capabilities and RAG technology converge to create a dynamic synergy. 

  5. Multi-Page App Building: Unlock the potential for dynamic and immersive user experiences with the GenAI AppStudio's robust support for multi-page app building. This feature empowers users to design applications that transcend single-screen limitations, enabling the creation of comprehensive and interactive user interfaces. 

  6. In-Built Studio for Editing and Customization: Experience unparalleled creative control with the in-built studio offered by the platform, designed to empower users in refining and customizing the generated app. This intuitive studio serves as a comprehensive toolkit, enabling users to fine-tune every aspect of their application, including appearance, behavior, and other features, tailored precisely to their unique needs.

  7. There are many other great features to enable your App development including full source code download, project management and more

Example GenAI Apps Created by Gen AI AppStudio 

1. Predictive Maintenance App: Sketch to App 

First Page features a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of the health status of your machines, emphasizing potential issues. 

On Page 2, delve into specific machine details by presenting comprehensive sensor data and a maintenance history for a detailed examination.

Page 3 introduces an interactive experience with your own data through a chatbot powered by LLM. Users can ask questions and obtain insights directly within the application. 

Prompt2App examples

In the provided image, the left side features a prompt detailing the desired layout of the app that the user aims to create. On the right side, the screenshot showcases the output from GenAI AppStudio, clearly demonstrating that the generated layout precisely aligns with the specifications outlined in the prompt.

Prompt : 

Create a cutting-edge technology interface for Predictive Maintenance, organized into 4 rows:

The top row should feature 6 gauge cards that provide immediate access to important metrics.

The second row is dedicated to data visualization, with a stacked bar chart depicting different connectivity options, a stat card showcasing network growth, a polar plot for directional insights again a stat card indicating connectivity indicators, and a radar plot highlighting user preferences.

In the third row, place 3 metric cards offering key insights, accompanied by a heatmap revealing network usage patterns. Add a markdown section here to offer a clear understanding of technical intricacies.

The fourth and final row should consist of three tables, each presenting specific data sets for comprehensive analysis.

Output : 

GenAI AppStudio is a game-changer for anyone with an app idea. It democratizes app development, making it accessible to anyone regardless of technical expertise. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and real-world applications, GenAI AppStudio is poised to revolutionize and democratize AI Application Development. Contact us for more information about this tool.


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Piraveen Sivakumar, Machine Learning Engineer

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