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Transformando Empresas Latinoamericanas con Inteligencia Artificial: Estrategias y Perspectivas
by David Alexis Garcia Espinosa | February 16, 2024 Generative AI , LATAM

En la actualidad podemos reconocer que hay una alta emoción en foros y publicaciones acerca del uso de inteligencia artificial (IA) en diferentes ámbitos empresariales, muchas veces se habla de los grandes cambios que conlleva el uso de la IA en procesos de negocios sin embargo estos casos de uso exitosos en su mayoría pertenecen a com...

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H2O LLM DataStudio: V4.1 Release
by Nishaanthini Gnanavel, Genevieve Richards, Tarique Hussain | January 16, 2024 Data Preparation , Generative AI

H2O LLM DataStudio is a comprehensive no-code application designed to simplify data preparation tasks for Large Language Models (LLMs). This tool comprises three key components: Curate, Prepare, and Augment. Curate - Conversion of documents (PDFs, DOC & audio/video files) into question-answer pairs and summarization pairs Prepare ...

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Introducing the H2O GenAI App Store: A Playground of Generative AI Innovation
by Michelle Tanco | November 07, 2023 Generative AI

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on data-driven decisions, the need for powerful and innovative AI solutions has never been more critical. At, we've been at the forefront of AI and machine learning for the last decade, providing you with the tools and platforms to harness the power of data. Today, we're ...

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Apresentamos a H2O GenAI App Store: um Playground de Inovação em Inteligência Artificial Generativa.
by Michelle Tanco | November 06, 2023 Generative AI

This blog was originally published in English here: À medida que o mundo se torna cada vez mais interconectado e dependente de decisões orientadas por dados, a necessidade de soluções de IA poderosas e inovadoras nunca foi tão crítica. Na, estivemos na vanguarda da IA e do aprendizado de ...

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Presentamos la H2O GenAI App Store: Un Playground de Innovación en Inteligencia Artificial Generativa.
by Michelle Tanco | November 06, 2023 Generative AI

This blog was originally published in English here: A medida que el mundo se vuelve cada vez más interconectado y dependiente de decisiones basadas en datos, la necesidad de soluciones de inteligencia artificial (IA) potentes e innovadoras nunca ha sido tan crítica. En, hemos estado a la ...

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Boosting LLMs to New Heights with Retrieval Augmented Generation

Businesses today can make leaps and bounds to revolutionize the way things are done with the use of Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs are widely used by businesses today to automate certain tasks and create internal or customer-facing chatbots that boost efficiency. Challenges with dynamic adaption of LLMs As with any new hyped-up thi...

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Entrenando Tu Propio LLM Sin Programación
by Favio Vazquez | October 06, 2023 Generative AI , H2O LLM Studio

This blog was originally published in English here: Introducción La Inteligencia Artificial Generativa, un campo fascinante que promete revolucionar cómo interactuamos con la tecnología y generamos contenido, ha causado sensación en el mundo. En este artí...

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H2O LLM DataStudio Part II: Convert Documents to QA Pairs for fine tuning of LLMs
by Genevieve Richards, Tarique Hussain, Shivam Bansal | September 22, 2023 Generative AI , H2O LLM Studio

Convert unstructured datasets to Question-answer pairs required for LLM fine-tuning and other downstream tasks with H2O LLM Data Studio Curate. Every organization needs to own its GPT as simply as it needs to bring its data, algorithms, and models (read more here). A common problem we see in organizations is that they want to be able to...

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Testing Large Language Model (LLM) Vulnerabilities Using Adversarial Attacks

Adversarial analysis seeks to explain a machine learning model by understanding locally what changes need to be made to the input to change a model’s outcome. Depending on the context, adversarial results could be used as attacks, in which a change is made to trick a model into reaching a different outcome. Or they could be used as an exp...

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H2O LLM EvalGPT: A Comprehensive Tool for Evaluating Large Language Models
by Srinivas Neppalli, Abhay Singhal, Michal Malohlava | July 19, 2023 Generative AI , Large Language Models , h2oGPT

In an era where Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly gaining traction for diverse applications, the need for comprehensive evaluation and comparison of these models has never been more critical. At, our commitment to democratizing AI is deeply ingrained in our ethos, and in this spirit, we are thrilled to introduce our innovati...

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Generating LLM Powered Apps using H2O LLM AppStudio – Part1: Sketch2App

sketch2app is an application that let users instantly convert sketches to fully functional AI applications. This blog is Part 1 of the LLM AppStudio Blog Series and introduces sketch2app The team is dedicated to democratizing AI and making it accessible to everyone. One of the focus areas of our team is to simplify the adoption of...

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