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Open-Weight AI Models: A Path to Responsible Innovation
by Sri Ambati | April 04, 2024 GenAI App Store , H2O-3 , Responsible AI , h2oGPT

The recent Request for Comments (RFC) issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on open-weight AI models has sparked an important conversation about the future of AI. As we consider the potential benefits and risks associated with making AI model weights more accessible and transparent, it is clear ...

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Unlocking GenAI Magic: GenAI AppStudio Revolutionizes App Development with LLMs! (Part 2)
by Piraveen Sivakumar, Shivam Bansal | February 13, 2024 GenAI App Store , Generative AI

GenAI AppStudio provides a no code way to take user sketches and generates the code for you. DEMO   Introducing GenAI AppStudio GenAI AppStudio is a no-code platform specifically crafted for non-technical users, to easily transform app ideas into reality with a few simple steps. One of its key features is the ability to sea...

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