May 8th, 2023

Democratization of LLMs

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H2O democratizing LLMs

Every organization needs to own its GPT as simply as we need to own our data, algorithms and models. H2O LLM Studio democratizes LLMs for everyone allowing customers, communities and individuals to fine-tune large open source LLMs like h2oGPT and others on their own private data and on their servers.

Every nation, state and city needs its own GPT – every purpose needs its voice and data-powered LLM. healthGPT, scienceGPT, naatuGPT, latinoGPT… the list is only starting! The incredible opening of the market for LLMs from OpenAI has bloomed a million flowers. Though we think the democratization of LLMs and further miniaturization to edge has only just begun! Open source is about freedom, not just free. In the long event-horizon of innovation, open source community wins!

Over the past decade, enough inspiration and investment has gone into AI and the courageous minds in the community will not see closed or pseudo open efforts in AI have the final say on LLMs and GPT. Thanks to several efforts in this space, we stand on shoulders of giants and now bring enterprise grade open source AI marksmanship to the GPT waves ahead! It has never been more fun to come join the forever young movement in open source ai!
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Our customers and the open source community have begun the journey to unlock incredible value from unstructured data – @h2oai makers who brought the best of open source AI and world’s #1 Kaggle grandmasters are here with frameworks to help on ramp you onto the GPT superhighway of opportunity + innovation!

Let’s use the incredible AI spring purposefully – solve problems plaguing our planet, people and species with public, private partnerships in a community curated world of data and LLMs and use AI for good globally! It is a privilege to serve our community and customers.

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this will be fun, Sri

Effortless Fine-Tuning of Large Language Models with Open-Source H2O LLM Studio
Building the World’s Best Open-Source Large Language-Model:’s Journey

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Thanks to: Parul Pandey, Philipp Singer, Pascal Pfeiffer, Arno Candel, Jonathan McKinney, Shivam Bansal, Jeff Gambera, Prithvi Prabhu, Olivier G., Michal Malohlava

About the Author

Sri Ambati

Sri Ambati is the founder and CEO of A product visionary who has assembled world-class teams throughout his career, Sri founded in 2012 with a mission to democratize AI for anyone, anywhere, creating a movement of the world’s top data scientists, physicists, academics and technologists at more than 20,000 organizations worldwide. Sri also regularly partners with global business leaders to fund AI projects designed to solve compelling business, environmental and societal challenges. Most recently, Sri led the initiative, sourcing O2 concentrators for more than 200 public health organizations in Tier 2 cities and rural communities in India during the Delta wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to save thousands of lives. His strong “AI for Good” ethos for the responsible and fair use of AI to make the world a better place drives’s business model and corporate direction.

A sought-after speaker and thought-leader, Sri has presented at industry events including Ai4, Money2020, Red Hat Summit and more, is a frequent university guest speaker, and has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, IDG and the World Economic Forum and has been named a Datanami Person to Watch.

Before founding, Sri co-founded Platfora, a big data analytics company (acquired by Workday) and was director of engineering at DataStax and Azul Systems. His academic background includes sabbaticals focused on Theoretical Neuroscience at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley, and he holds a master’s degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Memphis. Sri is inspired by his two daughters and genius.

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