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H2O World

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Make AI in India, Make AI for the World

For the first time ever, H2O World is coming to India! After sold out events in New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco, and other global locations, the conference took place on Wednesday, April 19th at the Leela Bhartiya City Convention Center in Bengaluru, India. 

Whether you’re just getting started with AI or you’re a power user looking to expand your skill set even more, join some of the greatest minds in deep learning, artificial intelligence and data science to learn how to make AI in India, make AI for the world.

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Watch H2O World India Talks

Keynote by Sri Ambati
(53 minutes)

Sri Ambati announces new H2O products at H2O World India 2023, including h2oGPT.



Sri Ambati, Founder & CEO,

Fireside Chat with Andy Markus, AT&T, and Sri Ambati,
(28 minutes)

Andy Markus, AT&T's Chief Data Officer, discusses how AIaaS can empower large enterprises with Sri Ambati,'s founder and CEO.



Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer, AT&T

Sri Ambati, Founder & CEO,

Fireside Chat with Dr. Andrew McMullan, CommBank, and Sri Ambati,
(31 minutes)

Watch CommBank's Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Dr Andrew McMullan, and H2O's founder and CEO, Sri Ambati.



Dr. Andrew McMullan, Chief Data A& Analytics Officer, CommBank

Sri Ambati, Founder & CEO,

Democratized AI Using H2O by AT&T
(22 minutes)

AT&T dives into how using AI has unlocked the potential of internal data science teams.



Prince Paulraj, AVP of Data Science & AI, AT&T

Mark Austin, VP of Data Science, AT&T

Building a Customer Obsessed, AI-Driven Organization
(14 minutes)

Dan Jermyn, CommBank's Chief Decision Scientist, shares how AI has allowed them to connect deeper with customers.



Dan Jermyn, Chief Decision Scientist, CommBank

Keynote by IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance
(24 minutes)

Seema Gaur, Sr Executive Director IT at IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd. discusses how its parternship with H2O keeps it at the forefront of new technologies.



Seema Gaur, Sr Executive Director IT, FFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd

AI for Good: H2O Olympics Hackathon - Winner Announcement
(7 minutes) announces the winners of the AI for Good H2O Olympics Hackathon during H2O World India 2023.

The Fine Art of Fine-Tuning Large Language Models
(24 minutes)

Pascal Pfeiffer details how to fine-tune your own large language model in this on-demand webinar.



Pascal Pfeiffer, Principal Data Scientist, Kaggle Competition Grandmaster,

Hydrogen Torch & Label Genie
(24 minutes)

Listen to Chun Ming Lee dive into platforms that allow you to build, create, and deploy deep learning models, and solve problems around unstructured data. Benefit from his expertise as a Kaggle Grandmaster.



Chun Ming Lee, Senior Principal Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster,

Embedding Data Science in Business
(24 minutes)

Guruprasad Mandrawadkar, Head of Data Science at HDFC Limited, details how their company uses AI to stay competitive in the mortage industry.



Guruprasad Mandrawadkar, Head of Data Science, HDFC Limited

Unlocking Hidden Insights from Documents using Document AI by CommBank
(32 minutes)

Ayush Agrawal, Executive Manager of Data Science at CommBank, details how the bank adopted Document AI.



Ayush Agrawal, Executive Manager of Data Science, CommBank

Scaling AI at Wells Fargo
(26 minutes)

Shuvam Sengupta and Naveen Rathani, business technology leaders at Wells Fargo, tell the story of how they adopted AI to become a data-decision driven bank.



Shuvam Sengupta, Vice President, AI/ML Engineering, Platforms & Strategy, Wells Fargo

Naveen Rathani, Quantitative Analytics Manager, Vice President, Wells Fargo

Quality Machine Models by Design
(30 minutes)

Dr Agus Sudjianto, an EVP at Wells Fargo, talks about designing machine learning models that are interpretable, reliable, robust, resilient, and fair.



Dr Agus Sudjianto, EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

Kaggle Grandmaster Panel
(36 minutes)

Keeping up with H2O World tradition,'s Kaggle Grandmasters give an open panel to answer data science questions.



Pascal Pfeiffer, Principal Data Scientist, Kaggle Competition Grandmaster,

Chun Ming Lee, Senior Principal Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster,

Shivam Bansal, Director of Customer Data Science,

Parul Pandey, Principal Data Scientist,

H2O Feature Store Talk
(26 minutes)

Watch for a brief demonstration of the H2O Feature Store.

Unstructured Data: Document AI with CommBank
(15 minutes)

Nidhia Sinha, General Manager of Analytics at CommBank, shows how Document AI was leveraged by CommBank to find valuable insights within unstructured data.



Nidhia Sinha, General Manager of Analytics, CommBank