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Account Opening / Card Issuing


  • Promote products (accounts, cards) with more relevancy to boost customer acquisition

  • Predict applicant credit background

  • Optimize the CX of the digital onboarding process, reducing/stopping digital application abandonment


  • Make models that confirm the identity of the applicant, adhering to KYC processes and AML regulations

  • Predict user behavior to preempt the user’s next requirement in the application experience

  • Real-time credit checks with models that analyze large data sets across many institutions

  • Accurate Prediction models for churn (customer evasion) phenomenon

  • Explainable models that enable compliance in identify verification

Business Value

  • Increased revenue and customer loyalty with a comprehensive, CX-focused onboarding process

  • Reduce abandonment rate by 5x (industry expectation)

  • Percentage reduction (5% industry average) reduction in rejection of good customers

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