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H2O World New York: The Countdown is On!


By Team | minute read | October 14, 2019

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Every H2O World is magical. The preparation for the conference starts many months in advance and we put a lot of effort and love in every single detail to provide our beloved community with the best experience possible. 

Our upcoming H2O World New York on October 22 is the third edition I work on as part of the marketing team at My favorite moment is to witness the amazing energy of our makers. (I guess you can tell from the picture below of H2O World SF how happy we were, right?) 

www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2OWorld_7_Team-1024x683.jpg www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2OWorld_7_Team-1024x683.jpg

Therefore, I’m very excited to share some highlights of H2O World New York’s agenda, carefully crafted to equip our attendees with the necessary tools to accelerate their AI and machine learning journey.  

Here’s an overview of what we prepared: 

  • More than 30 stellar industry-recognized speakers from, Discover, Dish Network, Goldman Sachs, Nationwide Insurance, BLDS-LLC, Equifax, Property Guru, MarketAxess, Synchrony Financial, Wells Fargo, and more;
  • 3 tracks: Explainable AI, Business, and (Technical)
  • 4 informative panels to fill different professional profiles appetites (I’m personally looking forward to the Diversity and Inclusion in Tech one, but the Meet the Kaggle Grandmasters is also a hit! Want a sneak peek? Check out the panel recording of our past edition): 

Meet the Kaggle Grandmasters : Learn how Kaggle Grandmasters got started in their careers and what are their tips and tricks on how they won competitions. 

www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2O-Wold_4_Kaggle-Grandmasters-1-1024x683.jpg www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2O-Wold_4_Kaggle-Grandmasters-1-1024x683.jpg

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech : Listen to views, opinions, and insights on this important topic. Watch the panel recording of our past edition here . 

www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2O-World_8-1-1024x683.jpg www.h2o.ai2019/10/H2O-World_8-1-1024x683.jpg

The Business of AI : Learn how companies are producing better results and outcomes with AI. 

Explainable AI: Listen to experts discuss Machine Learning Interpretability techniques to increase the understanding and trust not only from models but also the modeling results that affect our work and our lives. 

Check out the full agenda here .  

If you have already registered for H2O World New York, find the talks and panels you would like to attend so you make the most of your attendance. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time! Click here to secure your spot before we are sold out. 

Also, you can follow us on Twitter (@H2Oai) and connect on LinkedIn  for H2O World New York latest updates! 




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