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Developing and Retaining Data Science Talent
by Jon Farland | May 12, 2022 Company , Makers

It’s been almost a decade since the Harvard Business Review proclaimed that “Data Scientist” is the sexiest job of the 21st century. Since then, there has been an explosion of job opportunities and university degree programs claiming to give students all of the skills they need to accel in the field of data science . Yet, the scarcity of ...

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From the game of Go to Kaggle: The story of a Kaggle Grandmaster from Taiwan
by Parul Pandey | September 13, 2021 Kaggle , Makers

In conversation with Kunhao Yeh: A Data Scientist and Kaggle Grandmaster In these series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want to understand...

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What does it take to win a Kaggle competition? Let's hear it from the winner himself.
by Parul Pandey | June 14, 2021 Data Science , Kaggle , Makers

In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want to understand what it takes to be a Kaggle Grandmaster. In this interview, I shall be ...

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What it takes to become a World No 1 on Kaggle
by Parul Pandey | May 03, 2021 Data Science , Kaggle , Machine Learning , Makers

In conversation with Guanshuo Xu: A Data Scientist, Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at , who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. The intention behind these interviews...

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Learning from others is imperative to success on Kaggle says this Turkish GrandMaster
by Parul Pandey | February 15, 2021 Makers

In conversation with Fatih Öztürk: A Data Scientist and a Kaggle Competition Grandmaster. In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at , who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want...

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My Experience at the World’s Best AI Company
by Jo-Fai Chow | September 15, 2020 Makers

Blog post by Spencer Loggia When H2O announced that remote work would continue through the summer due to Covid-19, I was a little disappointed. I expected that it would be difficult to connect with others as a new employee, especially as an intern. My internship now comes to an end, and I realize how completely wrong I was. I’ve met and w...

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What it is like to intern at
by Jo-Fai Chow | September 15, 2020 Makers

Blog post by Jasmine Parekh Let’s be honest, 2020 is not going to go down as a glory year in history, unless something absolutely miraculous happens in the next few months. Generations of highschoolers down the line will sit in history class learning about the pandemic that halted the world. In the face of the virus, everyone around the w...

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Desmistificando a Inteligência Artificial e seu papel no sucesso dos negócios
by Bruna Smith | September 14, 2020 Business , Makers

A Inteligência Artificial tem sido um termo bastante utilizado atualmente, mas será que todos sabem, na prática, o que ela significa e como se beneficiar dessa tecnologia inovadora? Assim como toda buzzword, a IA também gera muitos mitos. Entre eles, a crença de que a aprendizagem de máquinas irá substituir o trabalho dos cientistas de da...

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Are All Your AI and ML Models Wrong?
by James Orton | May 05, 2020 Machine Learning , Makers

We are living in unprecedented times. Our society and economy are experiencing shocks beyond anything we have seen in living history. Beyond the human cost, there is a data science and machine learning elephant in the room (hopefully 2 meters away): Are your predictive models still doing the job you expect them to do?The challenge here i...

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A Letter to the Makers at
by Sri Ambati | March 05, 2020 Makers

To TeamAll,Many of you have already seen this alert from me in different variations over the last few weeks. Some of you are already remote and following some of these precautions.Starting today please make all meetings default to virtual or remote. Use Zoom, Webex, Slack, FaceTime, WhatsApp and WeChat to keep in touch with your teammates...

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Interview with Patrick Hall | Machine Learning, & Machine Learning Interpretability

Audio Link: In this episode of Chai Time Data Science , Sanyam Bhutani interviews Patrick Hall, Sr. Director of Product at Patrick has a background in Math and has completed a MS Course in Analytics.In this interview they talk all about Patrick’s journey into ML, ML Interpretability and his journey at, how his work has ev...

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Grandmaster Series: How a Passion for Numbers Turned This Mechanical Engineer into a Kaggle Grandmaster

In conversation with Sudalai Rajkumar: A Kaggle Double Grandmaster and a Data Scientist at H2O.aiIt is rightly said that one should never seek praise. Instead, let the effort speak for itself. One of the essential traits of successful people is to never brag about their success but instead keep learning along the way. In the data science ...

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Meet Yauhen Babakhin: The first and the only Kaggle Grandmaster from Belarus
by Parul Pandey | November 22, 2019 Makers

There is more to competitive Data Science than simply applying algorithms to get the best possible model. The main takeaway from participating in these competitions is that they provide an excellent opportunity for learning and skill-building. The learnings can then be utilized in one’s academic or professional life. Kaggle is one of th...

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Image Tasks on H2O Driverless AI
by Sanyam Bhutani | November 12, 2019 H2O Driverless AI , H2O World , Makers

I’d like to thank Grandmaster Yauhen Babakhin for reviewing the drafts and the very useful corrections & suggestions. Link to the video. IntroductionIn this talk Kaggle GrandMaster and Data Scientist at Yauhen Babakhin shows us a few prototype demos of how DriverlessAI’s upcoming release will work with Image Data and the relat...

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Natural Language Processing in H2O’s Driverless AI
by Sanyam Bhutani | November 06, 2019 Community , H2O Driverless AI , H2O World , Makers , NLP

Note: I’d like to thank Grandmaster SRK for a lot of suggestions and corrections with the writeup.Note: All images used here are from the talk. Link to the slides Link to the video Note 2: All of the discussion here is related to NLP. DriverlessAI also supports other domains that are covered in other talks and posts (releasing soon). Driv...

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Highlights of H2O World New York 2019
by Team | November 02, 2019 Community , H2O World , Makers

H2O World New York happened a few days ago and we are still in awe of the conference. It is rewarding to see such a strong community and recognized industry professionals making meaningful connections and learning with each other. We are grateful for having so many makers and customers joining us – in person and via live stream – for a fu...

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Takeaways from the World’s largest Kaggle Grandmaster Panel

Disclaimer: We were made aware by Kaggle of adversarial actions by one of the members of this panel. This panelist is no longer a Kaggle Grandmaster and no longer affiliated with as of January 10th, 2020. Personally, I’m a firm believer and fan of Kaggle and definitely look at it as the home of Data Science. ...

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The Data Scientist who rules the "Data Science for Good" competitions on Kaggle
by Parul Pandey | October 17, 2019 Makers

In conversation with Shivam Bansal: A Data Scientist, a Kaggle Kernel’s Grandmaster, and three times winner of Kaggle’s Data Science for Good Competition. Communication is an art and a useful tool in the Data Science domain. Being able to communicate the insights is necessary so that others can take the required actions based on the resu...

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A Full-Time ML Role, 1 Million Blog Views, 10k Podcast Downloads: A Community Taught ML Engineer
by Sanyam Bhutani | October 17, 2019 Data Science , Machine Learning Interpretability , Makers

Content originally posted in HackerNoon and Towards Data Science 15th of October, 2019 marks a special milestone, actually quite a few milestones. So I considered sharing it in the form a blog post, on a publication that has been home to all of my posts The online community has been too kind to me and these blog posts have been a method ...

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H2O World New York: The Countdown is On!
by Team | October 14, 2019 Community , Company , Events , H2O World , Makers

Every H2O World is magical. The preparation for the conference starts many months in advance and we put a lot of effort and love in every single detail to provide our beloved community with the best experience possible. Our upcoming H2O World New York on October 22 is the third edition I work on as part of the marketing team at My...

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From Academia to Kaggle and How a Physicist found love in Data Science
by Parul Pandey | September 16, 2019 H2O Driverless AI , Machine Learning , Makers

Learning and taking inspirations from others is always helpful. It makes even more sense in the Data Science realm, which is continuously being bombarded with new courses, MOOCs, and recommendations with every passing day. Not only such a lot of choices become overwhelming but also perplexing at times. With this thought in mind, we bring...

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Series ‘D’emocratize
by Thomas Ott | September 07, 2019 Community , H2O Driverless AI , Makers

Last month was very emotional for me and I suspect it was the same for many of my fellow Makers at The news broke that raised its Series D funding of $72.5 million led by Goldman Sachs and Ping An. While some of my friends were ecstatic for me, I felt like a big weight had been lifted off me. The best word to describe what ...

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Startup Aims to Democratize AI
by Ingrid Burton | September 05, 2019 Community , Company , Events , Guest Posts , Makers

Adam Janofsky at the Wall Street Journal wrote a wonderful article about our company, and our eloquent and philosophical CEO and Founder, Sri Ambati. The makers at believe deeply in our mission to democratize AI for everyone, and we can see a future where every company can be an AI company. Read more below, and enjoy! Startup Aims ...

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A Maker Data Scientist’s journey: from Sudoku to Kaggle
by Parul Pandey | August 16, 2019 H2O Driverless AI , Machine Learning , Makers

If you put enough smart people together in one space, good things happen. Erik Hersman One of the perks of being a part of is that you get to work with some of the brightest minds on the planet. Here you get to closely engage with people who have a great deal of experience, as well as expertise. One such set of specialists here ar...

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The Journey of Pi and AI: An AI conference with heart
by Thomas Ott | February 08, 2019 H2O World , Makers

I was in San Francisco this (past) week as part of H2O World 2019. I flew in the week before and took a red-eye flight back home right after the conference on Tuesday night. Like any technology conference, this one had fantastic presentations, training, and product roadmap presentations. We even live streamed it if you couldn’t be there i...

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Celebrating our community and wins!
by Team | January 11, 2019 Community , Machine Learning , Makers

The last year was an amazing year at We organized two H2O World’s, gathering thousands of attendees in person and online both in New York and London. Throughout the year, we garnered multiple industry awards and honors for AI and machine learning, but our customers received awards as well for the work they are doing with our techn...

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The Making of H2O Driverless AI - Automatic Machine Learning
by Arno Candel | December 05, 2018 Community , H2O Driverless AI , H2O World , H2O4GPU , Makers

It is my pleasure to share with you some never before exposed nuggets and insights from the making of H2O Driverless AI, our latest automatic machine learning product on our mission to democratize AI. This has been truly a team effort, and I couldn’t be more proud of our brilliant makers who continue to relentlessly create and innovate. T...

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Gratitude and thank you, makers!
by Sri Ambati | November 21, 2018 Community , Makers

Makers,Happy Thanksgiving – Hope you get to spend time with your loved ones this week.Thank them on our behalf, on your own, thank our neighbors, thank our teachers, thank our firemen, doctors, our farmers, our uber/lyft drivers, our engineers, our assistants, painters, news writers, bartenders, our chefs and a million others who play the...

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