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AI & ML Platforms: My Fresh Look at Technology

2020: A new year, a new decade, and with that, I’m taking a new and deeper look at the technology offers for building AI and machine learning systems. I’ve been interested in since its early days as a company (it was 0xdata back then) in 2014. My involvement had been only peripheral, but now I’ve begun to work with this comp...

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Startup Aims to Democratize AI
by Ingrid Burton | September 05, 2019 Community , Company , Events , Guest Posts , Makers

Adam Janofsky at the Wall Street Journal wrote a wonderful article about our company, and our eloquent and philosophical CEO and Founder, Sri Ambati. The makers at believe deeply in our mission to democratize AI for everyone, and we can see a future where every company can be an AI company. Read more below, and enjoy! Startup Aims ...

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Sparkling Water on the Spark-Notebook
by Team | April 10, 2017 Guest Posts , Sparkling Water , Technical

This is a guest post from our friends at Kensu. In the space of Data Science development in enterprises, two outstanding scalable technologies are Spark and H2O. Spark is a generic distributed computing framework and H2O is a very performant scalable platform for AI. Their complementarity is best exploited with the use of Sparkling Wat...

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Apache Spark and H2O on AWS
by Team | April 20, 2016 Community , Guest Posts

This is a guest post re-published with permission from our friends at Datapipe. The original lives here. One of the advantages of public cloud is the ability to experiment and run various workloads without the need to commit to purchasing hardware. However, to meet your data processing needs, a well-defined mapping between your objecti...

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H2O World from an Attendee's Perspective
by Team | November 18, 2015 Community , Events , Guest Posts , H2O World

Data Science is like Rome, and all roads lead to Rome. H2O WORLD is the crossroad, pulling in a confluence of math, statistics, science and computer science and incorporating all avenues of business. From the academic, research oriented models to the business and computer science analytics implementations of those ideas, H2O WORLD inform...

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A Newbie's Guide to H2O in Python - Guest Post
by Team | November 09, 2015 Community , Guest Posts , Python

This blog was originally posted hereI created this guide to help fellow newbies get their feet wet with H2O, an open-source predictive analytics platform that is fast, powerful, and easy to use. Using a combination of extraordinary math and high-performance parallel processing, H2O allows you to quickly create models for big data. The st...

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