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h2o gen ai world conference san francisco h2o gen ai world conference san francisco's first Open Source GenAI World event

Thank you for joining us on November 7th, 2023 for a full-day event focused on empowering innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem of Generative AI and Large Language Models. 

Sessions replay

Opening Keynote | Sri Ambati

Fireside Chat | Agus Sudjianto & Sri Ambati

Building Custom GenAI Apps at H2O | Michelle Tanco

Applied GenAI for the Finance Vertical | Megan Kurka

Document AI with LLMs | Mark Landry, Ryan Chesler

Mastering Classification & Regression with LLMs: Insights from Kaggle Competitions

LLMOps: Match report from the top of the 5th | Stefan Krawczyk

Kaggle Grandmsater Panel | Rob Mulla, Philipp Singer, Pascal Pfeiffer, Dmitry Larko, and more!

Never Reply to an Email Again | Luiz Pizzato

Fireside Chat | Arno Candel, Jon McKinney, Pascal Pfeiffer, Philipp Singer, Michelle Tanco

Building LLM Solutions with Open Source & Closed Source Solutions in Coherent Manner | Sandeep Singh

AI and the Future of Software Development: A Sneak Peek | Pritika Mehta

GenAI Fireside Chat | Murli Buluswar, Sri Ambati

LLM Fireside Chat | Helena Fopiano, Megan Kurka

Building, Evaluating, and Optimizing your RAG App for Production

LLM Interpretability | Kim Montgomery

Open Source h2oGPT: Mastering LangChain and Agents with Open Source LLMs using h2oGPT

Practitioner's Guide to LLMs: Exploring Use Cases & a Glimpse Beyond Current Limitations

Risk Management for LLMs | Patrick Hall

Open-Source AI: Community is the Way | Alexy Khrabrov

Closing Session, Thank you | Sri Ambati