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Automated Machine Learning

What is Automated Machine Learning?

Automated machine learning is the process of automating the tasks of machine learning model development. This helps people build ML models with high scale, efficiency, and productivity while sustaining model quality.

Advantages of Automated Machine Learning

Below is a list of several advantages of automated machine learning:

Saves time

Automated machine learning helps people transfer data to the training algorithm and automatically search for the best neural network architecture for their problems. This saves the data science community a huge amount of time. Often times tasks that would take hours to complete can be accomplished in minutes with automated machine learning.

Improves Scalability

Some machine learning models are capable of mimicking specific human learning processes, and automated machine learning allows people to apply this at scale.

Reduces errors

Data tends to expand as businesses and trends evolve. With the larger amount of data being produced, automated machine learning helps companies reduce errors that might occur due to biases or human error.

Why is Automated Machine Learning Important?

There are many reasons why automated machine learning is important, from automating multistep processes that require data science expertise, statistical, computational skills, and more. Automated machine learning also helps prevent human errors and biases, which could degrade model accuracy and devalue insights.

H2O Driverless AI and Automated Machine Learning: 

H2O’s AutoML can be used for automating the machine learning workflow, which includes automatic training and tuning of many models within a user-specified time-limit.

H2O offers a number of model explainability methods that apply to AutoML objects (groups of models), as well as individual models (e.g. leader model). Explanations can be generated automatically with a single function call, providing a simple interface to exploring and explaining the AutoML models.

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Automated Machine Learning vs Other Technologies & Methodologies

Automated Machine Learning vs AI

Automated machine learning is designed to automate the individual steps in the machine learning process from data engineering, pre-processing, model building, and training all the way to deployment--using pre-programmed rules. 

Artificial Intelligence software is designed to simulate human thinking.

Automated Machine Learning vs Automated Data Science

Automated machine learning is the process of automating the tasks of machine learning model development. Automated data science attempts to automate any portion of the data science process, the process of extracting knowledge and insights from data. 

Automated Machine Learning vs Data Mining

Data mining reviews patterns in existing data, and automated machine learning uses those patterns to make predictions. 

Automated Machine Learning vs Statistics

Automated machine learning focuses on predictions, while statistics focuses on sample, population, and hypotheses.


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