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What is a Neural Network?  

Neural networks are a method of artificial intelligence used to train computers to process and compute data. Neural networks are also known as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or simulated neural networks (SNNs). Inspired by the human brain, these networks are designed to mimic the way biological neurons signal to each other. 


What is Deep Learning? 

Deep learning, a subset of machine learning (ML), is a process that uses interconnected neurons or nodes in a layered structure. It creates an adaptive system that ML models use to learn and implement changes autonomously. This process is called deep learning because these neural networks have many hidden layers that are much larger than traditional neural networks. Deep-learning neural networks store and use more information than a normal neural network. Deep learning provides opportunities for a model to better mimic a human brain. 


Neural Network vs. Deep Learning 

Neural networks that consist of fewer than three layers are considered “basic” neural networks. Deep neural networks contain more layers and information than basic neural networks. This means that if a network has more than three layers it is considered a deep learning network.


Neural Network vs. Other Technologies & Methodologies

Neural Network vs. Machine Learning 

Classical ML is dependent on human interaction to learn data and train models. An outside source is required to determine the features and differences in data inputs. They usually require more structured data to be trained and to learn. With the need for more structured data and human interaction in determining features and differences, ML models require a more supervised learning process than a neural network. 

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning in Neural Networks 

ML is an artificial intelligence technique where algorithms are trained to learn from data in order to identify and predict patterns. These models handle large datasets and can identify trends that a human may struggle to identify. While some types of ML models require supervised learning, there are models that need reduced supervision with unsupervised learning.


Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, using more than three layers to process and identify data. Deep learning relies on artificial neural networks, whereas machine learning relies entirely on algorithms. Deep learning can lead to a reduction in supervision as it does not need as much oversight in model training and processing. 


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